FIFA 17: Details about Dortmund vs Man United

Although based on what I’ve seen so far from FIFA 17’s Gameplay Series of trailers, I have some deep concerns about both player and team positioning. Let’s explore the detail. By the way, if you need u4fifa fifa coins, just click it.


As you can see here Dortmund’s defensive shape is actually pretty good. The fullbacks are slightly advanced, and distances between players are okay. Positive start eh?

Things in midfield however aren’t so great with both of Dortmund’s attacking midfielders occupying the same space. I’d expect one of them to be more spread and to illustrate I’ve highlighted a much better position for him to be in. Having two players so close, massively diminishes forward passing options.

Whilst Dortmund’s defensive shape is good, take a look at Man United’s on the mini-map. That bunching of the two centre backs will be exploited later.

Rashford’s starting potion here illustrates an age old problem in FIFA and as I’ve highlighted, he really should be further forward pressing the centre backs, rather than the defensive midfielders. This effectively makes Dortmund’s defenders irrelevant from a passing perspective, and puts six Dortmund players behind the ball before the attack has even begun.


If we roll the same clip on some 50 game seconds, you can see here that Man United’s back four still hasn’t fully recovered, and is now zig-zagged across the pitch with Smalling the deepest of the four defenders.

The Dortmund strikers starting position here is criminally deep. Ramos hasn’t even managed to get past Wayne Rooney yet, so I’ve moved him to what I see as a much better starting position for a centre forward to be. Very similar to the Rashford example in that he’s basically in midfield instead of pushed up to the defence.

If you take a look at the mini-map you can see that Dortmund also have a winger out of shot on the right flank. Yet again he’s not even past United’s midfield and would be much better placed in the highlighted circle to offer another forward option.


Same clip, only now Man United’s back four has disintegrated into a back two, with both Blind and Valencia drawn into midfield. One of them going to close the pass I can perhaps understand, but both doing so is defensive suicide.

Which brings us to figure 2). If Blind has moved to close down in midfield, Valencia must hold his position and I’ve highlighted where he really should be to counter this Dortmund attack. A position where he can actually respond to the run of Reus.

Marco Reus actually makes a nice curved run here and finds the back of the net unopposed.

When Juan Mata is your CDM, you have issues.
All three of those screens are from the same clip, and as you can see there are huge positioning issues in attack, midfield and defence. I know the trailer is designed to see Reus score a wonderful goal (which he does) but it should be his excellent movement getting him into these positions and not multiple defensive lapses which didn’t correct themselves for nearly a minute of gameplay. The zig-zagging of the back four is something we’ll see time, and time again in this analysis.


Women’s Teams Will Still be Introduced in FIFA 17

When the news dropped that FIFA 16 would include women’s teams, a lot of players, men and women, were pretty psyched. Users could choose from over 12 national teams and could compete in either match day, an offline tournament, or online friendly seasons. Now it’s been confirmed that FIFA 17 Women’s National Teams will be featuring in the game! It appears that FIFA 17 will see an expanded list of Women’s National teams, rumoured to be 16 teams in total. If you want to buy fifa 17 coins for this, welcome to our site.

FIFA 17 Women’s National Teams

Confirmed Teams

We’ll update all the confirmed teams here.

Leaked Teams

The first new FIFA 17 Women’s National Team making the list appears to be Norway after a recent leak from the Norwegian forward Ada Hegerberg. The Olympique Lyonnais forward posted to her Instagram with a picture of what appears to be an EA face scan / interview for the game, captioned “#FIFA17 . Rumored that COD also wanted some of the pictures.” Norway are currently ranked 11th in the FIFA World Rankings for 24th June, 2016.

Rumoured Teams

Based on the FIFA World Rankings from June (shown in brackets) and previously included teams in FIFA 16, we can begin to speculate which FIFA 17 Women’s National Teams will be included in the game. You’ll notice that certain teams such as Japan, who are currently ranked 7th, were not included last year. This makes us think that they won’t feature this year either.

Returning from FIFA 16

It’s likely that all teams that EA obtained the licenses for last year, will be returning to FIFA 17.

USA (1)
Germany (2)
France (3)
England (4)
Australia (5)
Sweden (6)
Brazil (8)
Canada (10)
China (12)
Spain (14)
Italy (18)
Mexico (27)
New to FIFA 17

Our prediction as to which new teams will feature in FIFA 17 are as follows;

Norway (11)
Netherlands (13)
Switzerland (15)
Iceland (16)

Which FIFA 17 Women’s National Teams would you like to see included in the game? If you have any information, share it in the comments!

FIFA 17 Set Piece Rewrite

FIFA 17’s Set Piece Rewrite lets players inject personality and experience control in every dead ball situation. To better explain what’s been changed and introduced in FIFA 17 let’s listen to Sam Rivera’s answers. By the way, if you need fifa 17 coins, is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers.

Brief Introduction of Seting Piece Rewrite

Set pieces in FIFA had used the same system for many years and it was time for a change. We’ve looked at every aspect of set pieces in the game – free kicks, penalties, corners, throw-ins – to give players greater freedom and control in how they take them.

For example, our corner kick mechanics in FIFA 17 is very different from earlier years and feels really fun. There are now many more ways you can take a corner, leading to more scoring chances or other attacking opportunities.

The Differences about corners

First of all, the aiming is different. In the past, the longer you held a button, the further the ball travelled because of the added power. Now, using the left stick allows you to aim exactly where in the box you want the cross delivered. This works by moving a reticule on the screen that represents the target of your cross. Tapping the button results in a ball that has a loopy trajectory, good when aiming for the far post or taller players. However if you hold the button longer then you’ll have a more driven trajectory ball, for a near post move, or a flick on.

You can also switch to and control players in the box, which allows you to adjust where they are in the area. You can move them around to create greater space and a better attempt on goal.


Penalties are really cool this year. You can now adjust your starting position and control how you approach the ball. Obviously the faster you approach the ball the more power you have in your shot. It’s also more likely you could mess up the shot, so there is a decision to make before taking a strike. When you power up you will have the same shooting mechanic as in regular gameplay – the longer you power up, the higher and harder the ball travels.

Is this the same for free kicks?

Yes, it’s very similar for free kicks. You place yourself behind the ball where you want to start your run. Your placement behind the ball will affect the spin. The further back you go, the more power you can get in your shot. You can decide to shoot from the inside or outside of the ball to adjust your shot. As with penalties, the longer you hold, the more power and elevations you get in each shot.

New Thing with Throw-Ins

We have a few new thing with throw-ins. In the past, players did not have the freedom to move along the touchline. Now, the thrower can walk the line to gain a better position on the throw.

You can also do fake throws. This works in the same way as when you take a fake shot; you start your pass but a quick press of another button stops your throwing motion. This allows you to fake out your opponent and potentially pass the ball to an unmarked player.

FIFA 17: Cover Vote Begins

Lionel Messi has been FIFA’s main cover star for four years, but this time, the box won’t feature him at all. FIFA 17’s cover vote begins today. Who will be on the cover of FIFA 17? Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, and Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus are all vying for the covetous cover.

FIFA gamers can now cast their vote on the official EA website here. Voting ends on July 19 when Messi successor will be announced. By the way, is providing cheap fifa 17 coins at cheapest prices for gamers.

Seems Lionel Messi will not return as the face of FIFA for the next installment in the franchise. The Barcelona and Argentina striker has been on the cover for FIFA for the last couple of years.

Messi is currently having one of the worst month’s of his career after loosing the Copa America trophy to Chile. He was also found guilty of tax evasion in Spain and was given a 21-month suspended sentence.

“James, Martial, Hazard, and Reus represent exciting, attacking football and epitomize the innovative play that fans can expect in FIFA 17,” EA Sports senior producer Nick Channon said. “We’re excited to see fans rally around their favorite players and see who they select as the cover star for the franchise and the footballer who will represent FIFA 17 globally.”

FIFA 17 will be released worldwide on September 29 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC gamers.

Cast your vote now.

FIFA 17: FUT Chemistry and Fitness Glitch

The FIFA community is in uproar following controversy surrounding FIFA Ultimate Team. After years of extorting gamers, fans have found perhaps a sneaky inclusion in the game. In large part, we have come to understand that EA has acknowledged the accusations made against the soccer gaming mogul. By the way, I want to say you buy fifa 17 coins at with the most security delivery and professional service.

What’s the Low-Down on This Glitch?

It seems the glitch makes it so that your players are essentially handicapped, with high performing players not playing as well as they should be. The entire thing has been broken down on Reddit, with a video from RighteousOnix (shown below) setting the whole thing off. These are extensive, going into great detail on what the handicapping glitch is, how fans have speculated about it for years, and what the implications are.

In short, your players in FIFA Ultimate Team are supposed to work together to boost each other’s stats. There’s a “chemistry” stat where playing your best players in the right positions will lift certain stats for each player. These can be massive, changing the entire makeup of your team. And the big key here is that you play these players by getting cards, using either in-game or real world currency, so people have invested a lot of time and money into getting the right players, and playing them correctly.

Unfortunately, according to the video and others around the internet, this simply isn’t working as it should. “It turns out that for a large chunk of the most expensive cards in the game,” reads the breakdown. “FIFA has not been attributing the stats boost to the cards afforded by their chemistry. Meaning that they feel sluggish, slow and clumsy in comparison to other, cheaper cards in the game which have been given the chemistry stats boost.”

The FIFA community reckons it’s exposed a “chemistry glitch” that proves a long-running theory about Ultimate Team handicapping.

EA Acknowledges Issues

EA replied with a public apology stating:

“Thanks to the FUT community for raising awareness of a potential fitness and chemistry inconsistency in some FUT items,” reads a statement given by EA on the game’s forums. “After hearing this, our teams were in over the weekend and continue to thoroughly investigate the information. We will keep you informed with updates from the investigation.

“Our commitment to a fun, fair and secure experience in FIFA is ongoing, and as a community your feedback helps us achieve that goal. A special thanks for your continuous efforts across all channels.”

Which Items is Transferable in FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 releases in late September and with this comes a lot of questions about which aspects of your FIFA Ultimate Team transfer over from FIFA 16. You can transfer from console to console, but you’ll only keep what’s linked to your Origin account (FCC and XP). You can transfer the other items listed below when doing so from the same console. If you want to buy fifa 17 coins, not to transfer, welcome to our site.

FIFA Points

Perhaps the most significant one-time FIFA 17 carryover item. FIFA Points are a form of alternative in-game currency to coins and enable you to purchase FUT packs in the store or enter FUT Drafts (300 points). You can not directly purchase cards on the transfer market with points. EA do not sell coins, they sell FIFA points. You will not be able to transfer FIFA points during the FIFA 17 Web App Webstart period. However, you will be able to make the transfer during early access if you have an EA or Origin Access membership.

Please note that FIFA 17 EA Access and Origin Access members receive a 10% discount on FIFA Points prices listed below.

100 = £0.79
250 = £1.99
500 = £3.99
750 = £5.99
1,050 = £7.99
1,600 = £11.99
2,200 = £15.99
4,600 = £31.99
12,000 = £79.99

XP Level

Every time you earn XP, you gradually build up your levelling bar until you reach a new level. This is shown in the top right of your screen on your chosen platform. This information does not display on the FUT Web App. Each XP level, otherwise known at EAS FC level, becomes gradually more difficult to obtain as you need to earn more XP for each level. There is a current daily XP cap of 2,000. Once you unlock a level, you’ll never lose it within your account. It will transfer over to new FIFA titles, such as FIFA 16 to FIFA 17. Your XP level is basically your experience level within FIFA and is shown to all your friends within EA Sports Football Club. The higher your XP level, the more you are able to unlock in the EA Sports Football Club (EAS FC) store / catalogue.

Football Club Credits

You can use your Football Club Credits (FCC) to purchase items in the EAS FC Catalogue. Football Club Credits accumulate the same way XP is collected. The credits are displayed in the top right, to the left of your XP level and levelling bar. Unless these bronze looking coins are spent, they remain in your account for future FIFA titles. It’s important you have enough FCC to purchase key items at the start of FUT 17. These items include coin boosts, increasing transfer list and transfer targets size etc.

Pro Clubs Badge & Player Appearance

Your pro clubs badge doesn’t do anything as such other than to show when you started your pro club. Player appearance just gives you the option for your virtual pro to look the same as previous, however this may not apply due to the transition of a new FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine.

Established Date

Whether you are a FUT Founder, or your club was established this time last year, your established date will remain the same in FIFA 17. FUT Founders are those that started playing FIFA Ultimate Team during FIFA 09, shortly after the release.

FUT Club Name

You will get the option to keep or change your FUT Club Name. If you change your mind half way through FIFA 17, we’re assuming you can complete a manager task or use a one-time catalogue item.

Xbox Achievements and PSN Trophies

You will keep your achievements and trophies accrued from FIFA 16 on your Xbox Live and/or PSN account, but there will be a completely new set for FIFA 17.

FIFA 17: EA Can’t Be Sued

In light of recent events, regarding the discovery of the chemistry and fitness glitches, a lot of people are saying that EA should be sued; however, I want to point out that EA can’t be sued because of the Terms of Service agreement.

In Clause 20 of the Terms of Service agreement, we waive our right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. Further, we agree that any dispute that arises between EA and us (us as customers) has to be resolved by binding arbitration.

What does this mean?

First, EA can’t be taken to court over a dispute, such as the chemistry/fitness glitch. Second, and most importantly, neither of us customers can participate in a class action against EA. This last provision is really crucial to a dispute such as the chemistry/fitness glitch as this dispute could be the subject matter of a class action suit. When having dispute against a company, class actions suits are important as they imply that the issues in dispute affect and are common to all members of the class, and that the persons affected are so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court. Consequently, the suit is easier to manage, both in monetary and logistic terms, and if the class action succeeds the rewards are shared by everyone. For example, the recent suit against Ticketmaster over their undisclosed fees is a good example of a successful class action suit.

Finally, EA cover themselves (shocking!) against claims against false advertising by explicating stating that “claims that arose before this Agreement or any prior agreement (including, but not limited to, claims relating to advertising)” should be resolved by binding arbitration. This provision protects them against consumer law.

Why is arbitration so beneficial to EA?

First, the previously mentioned, impossibility of bringing a class action suits against EA. Second, arbitration is resolved quicker and has less public exposure as compared to a trial by jury or a class action suit. Third, if any of us customers have a claim against EA, we need to bring this claim as a personal claim; in other words, each one of us would have to present a claim against EA. Finally, disputes resolved over arbitration are usually settled before a verdict is reached and the rewards are almost always smaller compared to a trial by jury or a class action suit.

But can we overturn the agreement?

In theory, these types of agreements can be overturned by several reasons, such as unconstitutionality or proving a substantial inequality of bargaining power. The latter could apply in this specific case. However, in practice, these agreements are hard to overturn. Further, EA have included a provision in the Terms of Service agreement that explicitly states that any dispute relating to the interpretation, scope, enforceability, or formation of the agreement to arbitrate has to be resolved by binding arbitration.

Are there any exceptions to this agreement?

The provisions mentioned before applies to all consumers to the fullest extent allowable by law, but expressly excludes residents of Quebec, Russia, Switzerland, the Member States of the European Union, and the Republic of Korea. Moreover, the agreement also states that a claim to enforce any statutory consumer rights to which you are entitled under the Australian Consumer Law is also excluded from the agreement.

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