FIFA 17 David Villa Review

I had a pretty great team worth around 400k, including TOTS Ben Arfa, TOTS Maxwell, TIF Lacazette, etc.

The team was instantly sold when I saw Villa in the Classic Europe International Heroes release. I tried to contain myself from spending almost all my 400k on the card, and after 3 days I couldn’t handle it anymore and paid 270k for him, leaving me 130k to build a decent squad around him. By the way, just buy fifa 17 ps3 coins at with the most security delivery and professional service.

As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of David Villa, and I have been waiting a long time for this card, so it was of course a must-have. I’ll try my hardest to not be biased by my pathetic feelings for this man.

So anyway, I been using tons of different attacking cards this year and few to none has felt irreplaceable the way this card does. I mean don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t keep this card on FUT if it didn’t play as good as the card stats suggests – I wouldn’t keep it just because I’m a fan of his.

One card I can slightly compare it to, is TOTS Jonas, in certain aspects. The shooting feels about the same as that card, with the added benefit of 5* weak foot, meaning you can shoot from quite literally anywhere without problems. This Villa card is like TOTS Jonas with 93 pace, 5* weak foot and 4* skills. Only thing it lacks is TOTS Jonas’ stamina.

Hero David Villa has 70 stamina, but playing as a striker, this really isn’t a problem. Aguero has the same, and as long as you don’t manually pressure with him all game, it really isn’t a problem at all. And the above benefits I listed absolutely makes up for it.

Moving on to traits, this guy has 2 of the absolute most important traits for an attacker in my opinion; Finesse Shot and Tries To Beat Defensive Line. The first one means that his Finesse Shots feel like they’re locked on to the sides of the goal, resulting in those shots being incredibly OP and very hard to miss from anywhere in and around the box. Having 88 curve doesn’t make it any less OP might I add.

The second trait, Tries To Beat Defensive Line is a fantastic trait as well. This makes the player better at timing runs in behind the defense, and to my experience also generally makes the player do more runs than players without the trait. His 96 acceleration paired with this trait makes his runs very hard to defend against.

A little TL;DR at the end:

Pace: Obviously a huge upgrade from his normal cards, 96 acceleration in particular makes him so hard to stop, without even having to dribble.

Dribbling: 4* skill moves are smooth, NTD even smoother, and despite “only” having 82 agility he seems to pretty much stop and turn on a dime.

Shooting: Unparralled amongst the attackers I’ve tried this year, although comparable to TOTS Jonas with added benefit of 5* weak foot. Finesse shot trait is borderline cheating.

Defending: Don’t use him for that, he might actually die.

Passing: Short passing 79, more than good enough for 1-2’s and short through balls to other strikers/wingers. Long passes should probably be avoided, and you are using him wrong if you’re doing them.

Physical: Good strength and jumping, not the best stamina (same as Aguero) but don’t manual pressure with him and it will not be a problem at all.


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