Tips of FIFA 17 Player & Consumable Prices

In modern football, good players don’t make a winning team. They need to be supported by their club. It may be specific training, more stringent physical preparation or simple treatment for an injury. In FUT 17, this support is actioned by using consumables.

You’re a little late to the party, but you can still build a decent FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Squad Builder in no time. Yes, it would have been much more profitable to start during Webstart or Early Access, but it’s not the end of the world. Prices will have largely increased for players above 500 fifa coins. Consumables will have also increased.

We’ve done a lot of research here and player prices will likely drop shortly after the release. If your motives are to maintain coins, then your focus should be with really hyped squads and patiently waiting to snipe bargains. As an example, Renato Sanches is going to be very hyped next year after transferring to Bayern Munich. You’ll also get some really quick BPL players that will command a consistently high price. Think of players with few alternatives in their position, in popular leagues.

Although some of you may be panicking, throughout FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, player prices will significantly fluctuate based on events released by EA throughout the year. Tournaments with specific requirements will present amazing opportunities to make quick and easy coins. Rest assured we’re going to be detailing every amazing coin making method on our website, social media channels @UltimateTeamUK and our free FIFA 17 Mobile App! We’d definitely advise getting our free app as the players we advise investing in often spike in price within minutes.


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