FIFA 17: Personal Thoughts about Quaresma

In my opinion, this guy is the best player in the game. I’ve used every high rated NIF in this game and no one can come close to him. I’m gonna run through a couple reasons why, because I want to know if he’s this good for everyone, or somehow just for me.

His dribbling is so broken that the game even seems to take little extra touches in-between touches which gives him insane agility. When dribbling in tight spaces, he seems to push past opponents with this little animation and exit with a burst of speed. I feel like he’s almost dribbling for himself. He can barely ever be pushed off the ball, but if he does lose it, he almost always does those bullshit chase-down-and-push-over tackles which are somehow never fouls. (By a way, if you need fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site which is the best FIFA 17 products supplier.) I have no troubles getting from halfway to inside the box by both simply running past defenders and doing skill move, even against opponents who are clearly far better than me. His dribbling is exactly what Messi’s dribbling should feel like (but doesn’t IMO) mixed with the strength of Ronaldo.

But what’s even more incredible than his dribbling is his shooting. Even after using his in almost every squad since the release of the game, it still shocks me what he can do. Anywhere within 35 yards on the right side of the pitch is a corner/goal 50% of the time, and some matches (where I’d probably take 10+ shots with him), every single shot results in a corner, parry assist or a goal. He does EXACTLY what he does IRL (outside of the foot, insane dip and swerve) but from almost any distance. The obvious reasons for this are the 92 curve, 83 shot power, 85 long shots and the ‘Outside Foot Shot’ trait. Sometimes the keeper just stands there and watches it go in, other times they simply can’t get to the ball because it’s so top corner.

Of course I have patches where his long shots just won’t go, but in that case I’ll rely much more on his dribbling and get inside the box to score. Ronaldo has a better goal scoring record for me, but the shots I take with Quaresma are 75% of the time WAY outside the box, and he still manages around 0.7 – 0.8GPM. His crossing to Ronaldo at the back post is also phenomenal (compared to the crossing of my other players) due to the curve, and his free kicks are also the best I’ve used. His ability to pick out a long ball with the outside of the foot is also insane; I can often get the ball anywhere in my back half and switch play all the way to the other wing and get a decent chance to cut in, cross, or hold up possession. So pretty much, I only use the right side of his right boot, but it’s all you really need.

The only negatives are his league and his stamina. He can however be worked into a hybrid using Bosingwa and any Portuguese midfielder, which is what I’ve done probably 10+ times this FIFA. After around 75 mins he’s pretty dead, but he doesn’t really need his sprint anyway.

Overall, this guy is the best player for me this FIFA (in front of Ronaldo) but more importantly, he is by a considerable margin the most fun player I’ve ever used across any FIFA (in front of 13 Sessegnon and 14 Nani. I can’t help but think that he is capable of doing this for everyone, but I’ve never seen a post about him, or even people recommending him. If anyone has had a similar (or opposite) experience with him, let me know.

Also his bald head and double sweatbands make him look like a badass IG which is a big plus.